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heroes [Jul. 12th, 2012|07:17 pm]
Gustatus Similis Pullus

Where are our heroes?  We lost  admiration for our "forefathers" - not just because they abandoned us, but also because...well, how can one look up tho someone who had slaves, and to whom women were little more than trophies and flowers, not equals?  We lost faith in out religion - given brand choices between pedophiles and war-mongers who don't seem to even be reading the same book as me, the lesser evil doesn't feel very comforting.  We lost our mind in science, which gave is advances we now are told not to use, during decades of warning about a coming man-made ice age to new worries about warming instead.  Caffeine is healthy one week, unhealthy the next, then back again...real science died from suffocation, having capitalism shoved down its throat.  We lost our awe of beauty and celebrity when they lost their last bit of class, somewhere after the fiftieth time Britney or Paris was photographed sans-panties.  We can't even remember  what our politicians had in the first place, it being so lost...between defending getting blowjobs in the oval office, to even thinking about letting someone like Romney win...


Who?  Ourselves?  Each other?  We're betrayed by all our heroes now; they're all dead.  Maybe I was on to something when I coined the phrase 'expect nothing from the world - expect the world from yourself''  but....what does a kid know?

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boo on you, Simon... [Jun. 22nd, 2012|02:10 pm]
Gustatus Similis Pullus
Wednesday was the 19th anniversary of when Sarah and I started dating ummm..exclusively? Er, well, that part wasn't official/formal, it was just a matter of at that age it was...assumed? Heck, she was my second girlfriend, I was her first boyfriend...

Anyway, Wednesday was - as it so happens - a Wednesday. So we decided to pretend today (Friday) was Wednesday.

Last night (which happened to be Thursday, for those following along) I marvelled at the fact that Sarah had not yet packed for the trip. "But we're going downtown tomorrow to be crazy, and then your flight is in the morning" I exclaimed.

"So I'll come home, pack, and then we'll head out" she replied.

"But...by the time you get home, pack, and we get past your work again and then to downtown...it will be well into the evening. Should I just cancel the plans I made?" I asked, sarcstically with a hint of bitter, yet warm, undertones.

You're not really interested in the minutia - I can tell.Collapse )
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*tap* *tap* is this thing on? Testing - 1, 2... [Jun. 22nd, 2012|12:44 pm]
Gustatus Similis Pullus
huh...I didn't come here for a long while, then I just assumed the account would have been disabled per the long hiatus, and yet...here it is! Just where I left it...

Anyway, hello out there.
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a little bit at a time... [Nov. 14th, 2010|12:23 pm]
Gustatus Similis Pullus
Dear Ms. Parks,
The "incident" you caused on a bus recently has been drawn to my attention, and as the person in charge of bus safety I feel obliged to respond by reminding you of the following:

1.The rule of bus segregation, which you feel violates your rights, is there for your protection. I need not remind you of the horrible Memphis riots of May 1 1866, which killed an incredible number of people, both black and white alike. 5/1 changed everything. Laws segregating the races were put in place to insure the safety of all, and are strictly enforced for that reason. Why just this year some people were killed in racially motivated attacks that occurred in a neighbourhood served by a bus. Were it not for our rules, everyone on your bus might have been killed.

2. Your right to free speech should not be used to call attention to yourself at the expense of law abiding commuters. It is obvious that because you staged your protest on a bus in front of others that you are merely an attention whore with misgivings about your body. Your physiological problems notwithstanding, you disrupted the travel of dozens of more civilized bus patrons who unlike you chose to obey the law. Our own studies have shown that 99% of bus riders comply with our regulations, which means that they must approve of them. If you wish to engage in your radical antics, as a courtesy to others please do not do so on a bus to avoid delaying their travel. File for the proper protest permits and protest only in a government sanctioned "free speech zone" to ensure that you do not disturb others by forcing them to witness your actions.

3. Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. If you do not like to ride the bus you do not have to; you can walk to work. No one is forcing you to ride those 10 miles instead of walking. Also, let me remind you that this privilege of bus rider-ship can be revoked (for security reasons) by us at any time, and you will have no means to challenge our "do not ride list". Please keep that in mind during your next so called "protest".

I hope I have made myself clear, and I encourage you to obey all of our rules, including the new ones we come up with next year when our budget is increased. Remember, we are here for your safety, and the rules you think violate your rights are the only thing keeping you from dying in a cataclysmic bus disaster.
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bringing a camera back in my life [Oct. 15th, 2010|11:49 am]
Gustatus Similis Pullus
(this post is actually a request for advice....it only looks like I'm rambling. _pluginbaby? marieoroumania? any tips/thoughts?)

years ago, I gave away my camera because I had put my foot down and become vegetarian. Well, "put my foot down" in the sense that I declared "I am no longer willing to disassociate myself from the consequences of my actions." I'm not going to go in to that much, but suffice to say that color photo development involves animal bits. Even now

Amateur DSLR cameras finally, years later, seem good enough for me to look at now. The main problem is that I shake...it is generally hard to notice, but hell - I actually take pills for it. If you don't know about my shaking/twitching/cramping crap, you haven't read my journal :P Also, I tend to like low-light situations. Both are (...were?) horrible for digital photography. I could do decent pics with my old pentax, though. I certainly was never a pro, but I did have fun, and I did get a few really good shots in my day.

I used to to troll dpreview.com, but it seems like it's not the same as it used to be. The Canon D550 (T2i) seems to be the lowest-end camera I'd like...the MP is important on some level, sure, but I've seen older DSLRs that did really great pics at 8MP; seems more like being full-frame, and the types of sensors, are what I'd be more interested in. I guess that means I could get an older high-end camera that someone replaced just to get higher MP...like a 5d mark i? Somehow paying that much for a used camera feels wrong though.

I don't really care whether a camera does great autofocus; I likely want to focus on something different than the camera thinks I do, anyway. Maybe I want everything out of focus on purpose. I don't really care about automatic light adjustment either - I may *want* the picture to come out strange. I actually like things to be as manual as possible, really - my old pentax was just about perfect for me. Actually, I wish I still had it; I had dozens of lenses, filters, etc etc...some of it might actually be useable again on a new DSLR...

And there's the new 4:3 mirrorless systems, a movement to try and divorce digital from the limitations of film cameras...I could always wait yet another couple years for that type camera to become something...

BTW, this all started when I got a $1900 bonus and Sarah declared I was allowed to go diving with Great White sharks, at a bill of $875...and I thought "gosh...that sounds like an adventure I'd remember for years, but what else could I do with that much I'd like more?" Then I noticed the Canon T1i can be had in bundles with lots of extras for less than that much...but that I really wanted, at the very least, the T2i...or maybe the 7D....
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fateless [Sep. 1st, 2010|02:04 am]
Gustatus Similis Pullus
There is no fate. However, you will do what you are going to do, and you are, who you are. If someone knew enough about the universe, they would know the future; this is merely because things are going to happen as they happen. It's not "fate," some sort of mystical power that pulls you a certain way. Quite the opposite - it's you being you.

Would you really prefer that external gods of chaos interjected in your life? Instead of doing what you would do, would you rather do what you wouldn't do? Determinism isn't a trap, it isn't a restrictive, oppressive thing. In fact, it is true liberation - instead of losing control of your very being, you are defined as being wholly you, always doing what you would do.

I asked this question on Zukerberg's little thing earlier: Is it necessarily fatalistic to love someone so much that you wish they never existed?Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2010|02:50 pm]
Gustatus Similis Pullus
From source:

Dopamine dysregulation syndrome (DDS), sometimes known as hedonistic homeostatic dysregulation in Parkinson disease, is a dysfunction of the reward system in subjects with Parkinson disease (PD) due to a long exposure to dopamine replacement therapy (DRT). It is characterized by self-control problems such as addiction to medication, gambling, or hypersexuality.[1]

From source:

Dyskinesia observed in a patient with Parkinson's disease (PD) is labeled as Levodopa-induced dyskinesia (LID), and is more commonly a jerky, dance-like movement of the arms and/or head, which usually presents after several years of treatment with L-DOPA (Levodopa).

Both sound lovely. So, having l-dopa responsive dystonia at the age I'm at, it's pretty much inevitable that I'll eventually be a fucked up train wreck. Or, I could just not take the l-dopa, and spend my days curled up in a head to toe cramp, crying like a baby.

Fuck you, life.
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my health. [Jan. 27th, 2010|10:34 am]
Gustatus Similis Pullus
so there's a problem I've had for years and years and...wait, no - my whole life. It gets really bad some times, and not so bad other times. It got really, really bad this past fall - bad enough that some days, I couldn't pick things up, and could barely walk. I'd get up anyway and try, because that's the "LaMere way," but...(my grandfather did work his farm right up until he died of cancer and old age, after all).

Anyway, there's a very strong drug that drastically alters the biochemistry inside the brain, and 1 of 2 things happened when I started taking it. Either:
1) my problem swung down to "not so bad" really rapidly as merely a coincidence, or
2) the drug did it.
3) a couple other potentials, all of which seem only vaguely possible, but all at once...maybe?

I don't necessarily want to have to take this drug the rest of my life - there are various consequences, especially with long-term use. Mixed emotions. I'd really like to be able to play a guitar for more than 5 minutes without extreme pain, though.

edit note: was very unfocused, forgetful - having discontinued the stratera/concerta/etc. So, I took a concerta this morning. Lots of twitching/spasms, and YAAY! I can lock my hands/feet/back again! Awesome. On the other hand, I got *easily* more done today as the previous 2 days.

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yet another hand/feet/etc update [Nov. 17th, 2009|08:15 pm]
Gustatus Similis Pullus
Dug around and found my service records. Took my service medical records to the only place I could find that had a microfiche reader hooked up to a printer. Skimmed the records, printed things out.

Found a lot of interesting info. So...yeah. Gonna take the printouts to my neurologist appointment. At this point there seems to be beyond sufficient info to warrant an MRI of my head. And, as it so happens, if an MRI is done then we'll know almost definitively. So...hey, maybe I'll know by Christmas (neurologist appt friday, day after Thanksgiving).
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update on hands/etc [Nov. 16th, 2009|03:46 pm]
Gustatus Similis Pullus
Just got back from an EMG, and the physician...Collapse )
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