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my ramblings

the world so slow, all my dreams just too high

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Gustatus Similis Pullus
9 August 1973
I'm not remotely interested in being different. People say that I'm different, but...that doesn't concern me.

I'm not really even interested in having fun per se.

I'm consistent. I am for being good shepherds, minimizing unnecessary suffering, and looking at at the "greater good." I try to be, at least...

I'm the lucky guy who was picked by the most amazing, most beautiful, most intelligent woman on the planet...who, to mock me, picked a silly lj name: macula_densa.

I spend too much time doing silly things that aren't important. I spend too little time doing things that are important. I'm human. I dream huge - but rarely about owning a boat, or a shiny car, or some such standard thing. I'm very adventurous, yet laid-back.

Veni, Vidi, Velcro.

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